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Lucinda Ellison Musical Instruments
"Sculpture and Sound" ™



The instruments I’ve been building since 1981 are broadly based in the musical forms of Africa, Oceania and the ancient Americas.

Through years of experimentation and actual practice, I have applied precise structural and finishing techniques with my creative design elements to produce truly unique and enjoyable instruments.

The instrument to the right has a Lacewood soundboard with a unique figured acoustic hole. Click to open for more details.

Lizard dreaming
Snakes and Beads


In my work, I strive to preserve those elements of ancient cultures that connect us with the rhythms of life and inspire us to create: sensual forms, natural materials, visual imagery, primitive, soothing sounds….  I hope that by combining art and music, sculpture and sound, my pieces have become healing objects for our eyes, ears, and spirit.

On the left, "Snakes & Beads"; click on image for more detail.


I am proud to offer the finest mbiras and percussion instruments of this kind available on the market today, and stand behind the quality, craftmanship and integrity of the materials I use in each of my pieces. Thank you for supporting my lifelong passion.



  • Best in Show, MeccaFest, Carrollton, GA, Oct. 2010
  • Best New Artist, Historic Shaw Art Fair, St. Louis, MO, Oct. 2002
  • Second Place, SONO Arts Celebration, So. Norwalk, CT, Aug. 2002
  • Third Place, Fine Crafts, ArtiGras, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Feb. 2000
  • Presidential Award, American Music Therapy Assoc, Littleton, CO Project, Nov. 1999
  • Purchase Awards, Kentucky Festival of the Arts, Northport, AL, Oct. 1999
  • Honorable Mention, Tenn. Craft Fair Exhibition, Andrew Glasgow juror, May 1999
  • Honorable Mention, Tenn. Craft Fair Exhibition, Lloyd Herman juror, May 1998
  • Finalist - NEA/Southern Arts Federation Craft Fellowships, 1995/1996
  • Award of Excellence, 1st prize - Laumeier Art Fair, St. Louis, MO, 1996
  • First Prize Gallery Eight Art Auction, WDCN Nashville, TN, Oct 1998
  • First Prize - Sculpture, Smithville National Fiddlers’ Jamboree, TN, 1999
  • Second Prize - Mixed Media, Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, 1995
  • Media Award - Main Street Festival, Franklin, TN, 1996
  • Judges’ Award - Great Gulf coast Arts Festival, Pensacola, FL, 1995
  • First Prize - Best of 3-D, Memphis Arts Festival, TN, 1994

Gallery Shows and Events

  • "Interpretations" creative response to 9/11 – The Georgia Trust @ the ACC Craft Show, Alanta, GA, March 2002
  • "Recreation/Recreation: Fun with Found Objects" – Noyes Museum of Art, Oceanville, NJ, Jan.-April 2002
  • "Futureman's Indigenous Planet" - Drum and Percussion Workshop, Nashville, TN, March 2001
  • "Harmonic Journey" - 2 person show w/ Raymond Carr – Rose Center, Morristown, TN, Jan. 1999
  • "The Best of Tennessee Crafts" - touring Apr. 1998-Jan. 1999; also in 1996, and in 1994
  • "Art for the Musical Heart" - Art Independent Gallery, WI, Aug. 1996
  • "Spotlight ‘95" - ACC Southeast, touring, 1995-1996
  • "Best of the Guild" – Michigan Guild, Ann Arbor, MI, June 1995
  • "Spirit Talk Mbira" – Greater Nashville Arts Foundation, Nashville, TN, Jan.-April 1995
  • "Masks & Mirrors" - Gallery 500, PA, Nov-Dec. 1994
  • "Fourth World Musique Meets Cote D’Ivorie" - Commission pieces for performance artist Tim McKay, Memphis in May International Festival, 1994
  • "Tune In" - Gallery I/O, New Orleans, April-June, 1994
  • "Instrumentals" - Mindscape Gallery, IL, Dec 1991
  • "Wood 1991" - Stones Gallery at Kilohana, Hawaii
  • "Sound Arts" - Vista Fine Crafts, VA, 1989
  • "The Music Makers" - The Dairy Barn, Athens, OH, 1988

  • Featured in Modern Drummer, DRUM!, Electronic Musician, Experimental Musical Instruments, and Drum Business magazines.
  • Featured on "Tennessee Crossroads", WDCN Nashville, TN, program #1032, 1996.
  • Tennessee Magazine cover story, July 2000.

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