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Lucinda Ellison Musical Instruments
"Sculpture and Sound" ™


Players and Links

Maurice White,
(Earth, Wind & Fire)

Philip Bailey,
(Earth, Wind & Fire)

Will Calhoun
(Living Colour,  Mos Def)

Vernon Reid
(Yohimbe Brothers, Black Rock Coalition, Living Colour)

India Arie

Daniel Lanois

Pat Metheny

Herbie Mann

Regi Wooten

Tom Roady

Howard Levy

David Hykes,
Harmonic Sounds pioneer

Jonathan Goldman,
Chant master

Kirby Shelstad

Tom Teasley

Peter "Madcat" Ruth

Tim Timmermans

Bill Wiggins

Essra Mohawk

Jim Lauderdale

Jim Roberts

Barbara Lamb

David Egan

Jonathan Yudkin

N. Scott Robinson

Steve Wright
(Wright Hand Drums)

Ron Samuels
(Marimba One)


Terry Santiel

Jonathan Moffet

Futureman - Roy Wooten

Ndugu's Embira

“My Embira™ by Lucinda Ellison solved all of the acoustical problems I had previously. The design works well for me. I can now record right with the other  musicians and play live and be heard. I use it with the LA All Stars, as well as a group I co-lead with Patrice Rushen called 1+One. It will be featured on my upcoming album.”

- Ndugu Chancler, Drummer








Ndugu Chancler

Jonathan Moffet
(Michael Jackson)

Arthur Hull

Brent Lewis



Jason Newsted

Rudy Costa
(Taj Mahal)

Richard Bona

Michael Pluznick

Allen Otte
(Percussion Group Cincinnati)

The Kingston Trio

Glen Fittin

Arvin Scott

Nery Arevalo

Paulo Mattioli

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Mustafa Abdul-Aleem

David & Roselyn

Nashville Bluegrass Band

Neal Casal

Tish Hinohosa

Chartwell Dutiro 
(Thomas Mapfumo)

Kala Jojo

Brother Blue, storyteller/poet

Henry Heine
(The Fluffers)


Paulo Mattioli

“Lucinda Ellison’s Embira™ is a fascinating instrument offering the contemporary percussionist a new world of sounds that can be used in a variety of musical contexts.”

- N. Scott Robinson, Percussionist


Arthur Hull and Lucinda

Leon Mobley
"This is phat!"

Ndugu Embira 2

Ndugu's Embira in the mirror, Zebrawood top, Wenge body, inlaid

your photo here

I would love to have a  photo and news of you and others playing the Embira™ or other thumb pianos I have made!



David Hykes, with Steven Kent, and Lucinda

with Maurice White
at the Electrikalimba Jam,
NAMM 2003

Vernon Reid shopping

Vernon Reid shopping for his
new EmbiraTM.

Vernon Reid with his
new EmbiraTM.

“Lucinda’s electric Mbiras are an Indigenous-futuristic, Sonic experience...the infectious tones, and beautiful craftsmanship, or should I say craftswomanship, make this instrument a unique addition to any artist’s musical performance library. Your Embira™ is reaching the world!”   

Will Calhoun, Drummer, World Music Artist, Producer for Living Colour,  Mos Def, Pharaoh Sanders, & theWill Calhoun Quintet

“I brought out over 40 instruments at an Artist in the Schools conference …the hit of the day was when I played the beautiful Embira™”

- Mustafa Abdul-Aleem, Drummer, Educator, African Culture University

Tom Roady

Lucinda and Kalani

Ron Carter

Ron Carter with his favorite EmbiraTM maker




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